Thank you for visiting FALMIS homepage.
FALMIS is a trading company that exports various parts for automotive and industrial, suspension parts and brake parts under the slogan “Customer First!”
FALMIS has been recognized with the quality and skills by exporting products to Japan, Iran and other area of the world.
To reduce the cost of production and to secure quality competitiveness, FALMIS has been operating forging plant which is FALMIS METAL established in 2010 in Korea.
FALMIS has been maintaining the cooperation with various companies based on several years of experience at manufacturing and trading. So, FALMIS has ability to supply products (special forging & Auto parts) to customers when they need them.
FALMIS is doing the best to supply product of the best quality and reasonable price. We promise that we will do our utmost to satisfy our customers and will make a constant effort to grow up with customers.

C.E.O   K. D. Kwak